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Assam & The North-East

ISSUE NO. 14     JULY 16-31, 2000

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UPDS mows down 10 in Hamren, 3 ULFA cadres among 4 killed in Barpeta

JORHAT, July 16: The UPDS militants mowed down as many as ten persons, including two women, four children and a teenager at Langparpang village under Kherani police station in Hamren subdivision in Karbi Anglong district last night. While nine of the victims were Biharis, one belonged to Nepali community. It may be mentioned that exactly a month back, i.e. on June 16 the UPDS had shot dead two persons belonging to the Bihari community in the district.

According to Hamren Subdivisional Officer (SDO) UPDS militants picked up one Dalbahadur Thapa from village Thanglung, brought him to village Langparpang and shot him dead at around 10 last night. Soon after killing Dalbahadur the militants started indiscriminate firing killing as many as ten. The victims were identified as -- Sharkari Devi, Shivjanam Chouhan (8), Reena Devi (6), Krishan Kumar (4), Shanti Devi (40) Atul Chouhan (2) Samaroh Chouhan (60), Rajesh Shah (12), Shev Chouhan and Dalbahadur Thapa (40).

According to police sources, UPDS militants had served demand notes to the inhabitants of the nearby villages, but could not collect the amounts following operations by the police.

A Correspondent from Barpeta adds: Three top-level leaders of the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) and a personnel of the Assam Commando Force were killed in an encounter between a joint team of Barpeta police-Assam Commando Force and a group of ULFA militants at No 2 Block in Balapara-Kawoimari area under Sarthebari police station in Barpeta district at around 5.30 a.m. today.

According to reports, acting on a tip-off that a big group of ULFA militants had taken shelter at No 2 Block at Kawoimari reserved area, the police-commando team laid a trap in the area last night. Having been informed of the arrival of the police-commando team in the area the ULFA team hid in the house of one Jiten Kalita, a firewood shop-keeper.

When the police team went near the house of Jiten Kalita, the militants opened firing at the policemen. The police and commando personnel retaliated, and a fierce encounter followed in which three militant leaders -- Tez Hazarika, the "commandant" of the Nalbari district unit of the "action group" of the outfit, Arup Bhatta of Kawoimari and Utpal Deka alias Basanta Kalita of Sarthebari -- and an Assam Commando Force personnel -- Aslam Ali (27) -- were killed on the spot. Jiten Kalita, in whose house the ULFA militants had taken shelter, and his wife sustained bullet injuries. However, according to police sources, they are out of danger. Other militants, however, managed to escape. [S]

NH 44-A haven for rampant extortions

SHILLONG, July 16: Alleged rampant extortion of truckers all along the National Highway 44 stretching from Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya to Beltola in Assam has driven the victims to the Meghalaya Chief Minister EK Mawlong seeking his intervention.

The Coordination committee of the Hynniewtrep Truck Owners and Drivers Association and Jaintia Hills Truck Owners Association in a joint petition have urged the Meghalaya Government to adopt urgent steps to combat the 'menace of extortion' on the highways.

Sri S L Khyriem, President, Joint Committee of the HTODA said: "The scourge has become not only an eye-sore but is affecting the reputation of the State as well."

He regretted that the truckers are facing extortions almost as a daily routine despite the fact they are carrying coal-as movers of the State economy.

The extortion begins in the coal mining areas itself. At Lad Rymbai in Jaintia Hills, no truck can move without paying a sum of Rs 50 per truck to a self-styled NGO for providing a so-called "security protection". The fee collected under the name of "S D Coupon" is still continuing, Association sources said.

The district authorities acted recently to bring to stop another point of extortion at Eighth Mile and Ialong in Jaintia Hills.

Describing an instance of 'official extortion', the petition alleged that at the municipal toll gate at the entry to Jowai, the truckers are forced to pay up Rs 20 though a receipt for Rs 10 only is issued. Even the Jowai Police fleece Rs. 20 for entering the town even during relaxation of 'no entry' restrictions on heavy vehicles.

At Mookyndor, police intervention stopped forcible collection of Rs 20 from each trucker by a so-called NGO under the guise of carrying out welfare of the truckers. But the police action led the NGO to adopt ingenious techniques to continue their extortions. A vehicle was stationed near the dismantled office of the NGO to resume operations till date.

Citing another instance of 'official extortion', the Association alleged that officials posted at a DMR office at Mookyndor illegally collect Rs. 40 from each truck without issuing any receipt.

The truckers have no respite as "a group of ghost-like people appear at Mawryngkneng and force truckers to part with Rs. 20 each." Again at Maklyngngat in East Khasi Hills, a group of unknown people start their extortion duty from 4 pm onwards.

As the truckers enter the State capital here at Laitkor, a group of so-called "Transport Enforcement Personnel" extract Rs 20 from the truckers. Another batch of so-called Enforcement Personnel collect Rs 50 from non-tribal truckers and a concessional rate from the tribals at Mawlai Mswiong here as the trucks exit.

At Byrnihat in Ri-Bhoi district, DMR officials 'collect' another Rs 40 from the truckers. All public vehicles including trucks are asked to pay additional Rs 10 for passing through the PWD Byrnihat bridge. The "toll bridge" collection has ceased recently.

Before the truckers enter Assam at Jorabat, they are asked to pay Rs 50 at daytime and Rs 100 at night time. As they enter Assam, another Rs 50 per truck has to be shelled out at the Assam Police outpost, truckers charged.

The woes of the truckers are not yet over. Further ahead at Khanapara, where the Guwahati Municipal collection gate is located, the truckers are to pay Rs. 300 which is shown in six separate slips of Rs 50 each. Thereafter, at the Beltola coal storage areas, he has to pay Rs 300 again against which a receipt of Rs 10 only is issued as parking fee!

"Appealing to the Chief Minister to ensure "the entire highway is absolutely free of extortion", the petition alleged "the truckers have to pay about Rs 1,000 to the extortionists on a single trip through the NH 44". It said: "Most of the time it is even more!" [AT]

NLFT massacres 70 BNLF cadres in Bangladesh

SILCHAR, July 17: In what may be termed as the worst-ever mayhem in militancy, 70 Bru National Liberation Force (BNLF) cadres including some of its top leaders were gunned down by the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) militants on the night of July 9. The headquarters of the BNLF located in the wooded fastness of Bangladesh across Jampui Hills was ransacked. The two-year-old BNLF has a strength of 150 cadres.

Some of the BNLF cadres, who had managed to escape and taken shelter in the southern fringe of Hailakandi district in Barak Valley, disclosed this to this correspondent here today.

Twelve Reang youths on the run from Kanchanpur refugee camp were nabbed by the Karimganj police on last Friday for their suspected link with the BNLF. They were shifted to Aizawl yesterday escorted by Mizoram Police.

The BNLF fugitives gave an account of the blood-curdling and merciless killing of their comrades in arms. The grisly running down of the BNLF headquarters has sent panic waves in the six refugee camps in Kanchanpur, sheltering around 41,000 Reang refugees.

Why did the NLFT take such a harsh step against the BNLF, trained and armed by it?

The immediate cause of provocation for the NLFT seemed to be the gunning down of seven Indian Reserve Police Battalion personnel by the BNLF recently in Mizoram. Earlier the BNLF was also charged with the kidnapping of three Mizoram Government employees including a teacher. The three employees of Mizoram were subsequently released through the mediation of church leaders.

The NLFT, a Christian-backed outfit has not taken kindly the killing and kidnapping of Christian policemen and employees. The BNLF has been known to be close to Kalyan Ashram, a socio-cultural organization of the Sangha Parivar, committed to tribals welfare.

Besides, the BNLF is also accused of working in tandem with the Indian security forces by the NLFT.

The Reang outfit has been under pressure to severe its link with the Kalyan Ashram. Besides its leaders have been also under pressure to adopt Borok, the cultural and linguistic identity of the Jamatiyas and Deb Barmas. Like the TNV (Tripura National Volunteers) of Bijoy Hranghal, the BNLF leaders have been advised to merge their outfit with indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) which now controls the autonomous district council of the State.

One of the BNLF fugitives, yet to overcome the shock, who could flee from the spot of massacre, said that in a preplanned manner, about 300 NLFT extremists including a few of their leaders came down from their headquarters also located in Bangladesh on the fateful day to their headquarters. In a dramatic manner, the NLFT leaders congratulated their BNLF counterparts for killing the seven Mizoram police personnel.

Thereafter, as narrated by the fugitive, the NLFT leaders talked of joint raid on Mummit SBI branch for looting the cash. There was celebration, feast and drinks as darkness descended after dusk. Suddenly, the NLFT militants under the facade of friendship lifted their sophisticated arms and began to fire on the BNLF cadres, killing 70 of them on the spot. The fugitive said the toll could be higher, because the headquarters then had 80 of his colleagues. The BNLF cadres who also carried arms failed to react.

Another worn-out fugitive said on the same night the BNLF chairman Surya Mani Reang was abducted from his hide-out on Tripura-Mizoram border by the NLFT gunmen. The BNLF which had floated by the Reangs to protect their interest after the ethnic violence of October 1997 in Mizoram is now in total disarray. [S]

People giving back ultras a taste of their own medicine

GUWAHATI, July 17: The peace-loving Assamese, sent to the edge by the marauding militants, are giving the ultras a taste of their own medicine by avenging their mindless killings with public lynching of the militants, reports UNI. According to official reports at the State police headquarters here, as many as 17 top militants were fatally lynched by irate public in the last 18 months. Of them, seven were killed in last two months alone, the report adds.

"This was to happen. How long could the peace-loving Assamese continue to tolerate the brutalities of the militants? They have lost a lot. So now they are getting back at the militants," said the former 3 Corps head Lt General BD Shekhatkar who was the operational head of the Unified Command in Assam.

One of the biggest name in the casualty list was Poalmoni Bora, a dreaded ULFA leader, who had been managing to penetrate every dragnet thrown at him by the security forces in the past one decade. He was caught by the villagers at Borbori under Dharamtul police station in Central Assam and beaten to death on July 9 last.

"These people are operating at the instruction of the ISI agents. They are based in Bhutan and come down to extort money. How long could the mass tolerate this meaningless violence and extortion," said Assam Chief Minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta. The State Government authorities, delighted over the responses, have in fact awarded a village with cash incentives for having caught and handed over some militants to the police. Their spontaneous participation have made things much easier for the security forces, said City Superintendent of Police Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta.

On July 9, along with Poalmoni Bora another ULFA accomplice, Khagen Bora, was also killed by the people when they had gone to extort money from a rice mill owner. As he raised a hue and cry, the villagers surrounded the militants and attacked them.

The security forces record said that due to public beating so far four members of the Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT), two from National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), two of them Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam (MULTA), one of the NSCN, three Karbi militants beside five top ULFA leaders, have been killed.

"From the list you can see that spontaneous resistance have been everywhere in the State. It is not that this resistance is coming from one State. These are only the list of casualties but there are numerous reports of villagers turning their back on the militants, refusing them shelter and even pleading them to go away. Nobody wants violence around his village," said a senior officer of the State police.

Lt General Shekhatkar, before leaving his post, had time and again said the Army had been receiving excellent cooperation from the villagers. Without getting into the details the villagers have been increasingly helping our intelligence network, said a senior officer of the State Government. It is not clear whether the people would have beaten them to death if they knew that they were actually beating up a top leader. But the frustration of the common people have crossed all limits.

"We are actually over the hump," said General Shekhatkar and added, "the spurt of the anti-militancy activities by the armless villagers all around the State only confirm that the days of the militants are over. The success of the security forces as well as the low-key activities of the militants also corroborate the same story." [AT]

IT raids end, Rs 1 crore in cash seized

GUWAHATI, July 21: Raids conducted by the Income Tax officials at the houses of four senior bureaucrats, two senior advocates of the Gauhati High Court, and one DRDA contractor since yesterday continued for 24 hours and came to an end this morning. The officials, during the raids, seized huge piles of valuable documents and cash worth about Rs 1 crore. The amount seized during the raids has already been deposited at the different branches of the State Bank of India in the city.

Talking to The Sentinel, the Additional Director, Income Tax (Investigation), Mr B. Dutta said that raids were conducted on receipt of complaints from various sources that the persons concerned were not adhering to the Income Tax rules and thereby evading the taxes. Refusing to disclose anything in detail, Mr Dutta said that the IT Department would now start assessing the documents and cash recovered during the raids and guessed that it would take some time, even may be more than a year to conclude wheather the persons were actually evading taxes or possessing properties disproportionate to their income.

When this reporter went to the house of Dr Tara Pada Das, Chairman, APSC, at Meherpur Mathuranagar area in Dispur to take his version on the raid, the persons standing at the gate did not allow him to enter the compound of his residence.

Advocate A.K. Bhattacharjyya told The Sentinel that he had all the valid documents and anybody can go to his house to assess his property. When contacted, the former Director of Elementary Education, Mr A.C. Pegu said that he is innocent and waiting for justice. The Superintendent of Sales Tax, Mr Nripen Mahanta said that someone had misinformed the officials about his property and the building he resides did not belonged to him but only a part of it was owned by him. [S]

Kheroni tense, exodus on

KHERONI, July 21: Tension and mistrust have gripped the Karbi and Bihari villagers living under the Kheroni police station area of the violence-hit Karbi Anglong district following the killing of as many as 23 persons in the renewed violence in the area since July 15 last.

Terror stricken people from both the Karbi and Bihari communities have started fleeing their villages alongwith valuables to the nearest 'safe place' in the area. While the Bihari villagers are fleeing to professional grazing reserve (PGR) at Kheroni Tin Ali, Karbi villagers are taking shelter in Waisong High School at Priloo.

Top police officials including the DIG, Dilip Kumar Bora and the Superintendent of Police Anil Phukan, are camping in the violence-hit Kheroni to oversee operation, where additional para-military personnel have been deployed.

Talking to this correspondent at Kheroni police station yesterday, DIG, Sri Bora said tension was running high in the area, but added that the police would be able to stop clashes between Karbi villagers and non-Karbi settlers in the area.

The police officials alongwith the Deputy Commissioner, Md Allauddin are holding peace meetings at the area as confidence building measure among the tribal and non-tribal people.

Blood strains on the road are yet to be wiped out in Thesso Ranghang village where six Karbi youths were mowed down by raiders from neighbouring Bihari villages in the wee hours of July 19 last.

The villagers of this non-descript Karbi hamlet are yet to recover from the dreadful experience. 'Six of our boys were killed and four houses burnt down in front of Black Panther commandos of Assam police. In fact, two of the boys were shot by Black Panthers themselves after the Bihari raiders pointed out them to be militants,' alleged Dilip Phura.Two of the killed youths, Lanki Bey and Babu Ranghang took admission to higher secondary first year in DIphu Government College on July 18 last. All the slain youths were in the age group of 18-30 years.

Hon Sing Terang, a central committee member of the Karbi Students Association told this correspondent at Thesso Ranghang village yesterday that about 400 Bihari villagers armed with bows and arrows surrounded the Karbi hamlet on July 18 night and in the wee hours of July 19, they went to informed Black Panthers camping at Jhengkha that militants were hiding in Thesso Ranghang.

'The killings and burning of houses started after the police commandos arrived in the village,' he alleged.

While talking to Bihari settlers in the hamlet nearest to Thesso Ranghang, one Motilal Chouhan told this correspondent that the Karbi youths were killed by faujis not by us.

Biharis and Karbis have been living peacefully in Kheroni area for over four decades.

During the visit to the affected areas of Kheroni, this correspondent saw carvans of bullock carts ladden with valuables being driven by fleeing Bihari settlers on the Jhengkha-Kheroni road section yesterday.

Meanwhile two teams of ASDC leaders led by Dr Jayanta Rongpi and his rival Holiram Terang have rushed to Kheroni to have an on-the-spot assessment of the situation as well as to diffuse the tension.

Talking to this correspondent last night, the local MLA Holiram Terang of the ASDC alleged that these series of retaliatory killing started by the government. 'After the Langparpan killing, the family members of the UPDS leaders were eliminated through an organised killing on July 17 in three different villages near Kheroni. This further complicated the situation' said Terang.

Even the DIG (CWR) Dilip Bora admitted that those six killings were organised, ;we are yet to find out the miscreants. But it was apparent that killings were completely organised. However, the retaliation from Bihari villagers in Thessor Ranghang was not organised by any outside miscreants,' he said. [AT]

Tension escalates, Reangs flee as NLFT campaigns for a 'Borak' nation

AGARTALA, July 27: Tension is running high in the interior areas of Kanchanpur subdivision of North Tripura district, as the armed rivalry between two underground outfits are spreading. At least 70 persons were killed at Sajek hills of Chittagong hill tracts of Bangladesh foot hills in a clash between the National Liberation Front of Tripura and the Bru National Liberation Front, an outfit of Reang tribals.

Tension is spreading into the Indian territory as the BNLF cadres, who suffered maximum loss, has fled away from their Bangladesh camps and taken shelter into the Reang dominated villages along the border.

Meanwhile, reports received from Simanapur, a bordering village said, Reang members of the NLFT has revolted against the outfits anti-Reang stand. Ten Reang members recently fled away from the NLFT camp along with several sophisticated weapons.

The clash between the two groups started following the Reangs refused to be identified as Borok. The NLFT was trying to bring all the tribes under one nomenclature. The Reangs also refused to accept Kokborok as their language as they are claiming to have a separate language -- Bru.

The security forces are worried as most of the fleeing Reang rebels have taken shelter in the refuge camps where more than 30,000 Reang refugees from Mizoram has taken shelter. A senior security official admitted that despite definite information they are unable to take any action as the rebels may retaliate taking the refugees as shield.

However, the security forces has intensified vigil around the refugee camps so that the militants cannot go for any action. The forces also afraid of NLFT action on the refugee camps in search of their fleeing Reang cadres.

The NLFT campaign to form Borok nation, bringing all the 18 tribal clans of the State under one umbrella had received a boost in June last, when the IPFT won the Autonomous District Council elections. The IPFT had been also supporting this demand. But it had to suffer a setback following the recent division in the NLFT on ethnic lines.

After the Reang revolt the tension is brewing fast among the Chakmas too. They have resented the NLFT campaign to bring all tribals under one umbrella and to accept Kokborok as the common language for all tribals. The Chakmas and the Jamatias are also agitated against the NLFT campaign to convert all tribals forcibly into Christianity. [S]

Blast derails 12 bogies of goods train

LUNAPARA (Rangiya), July 30: Thousands of passengers of the Avadh Assam Express, scheduled to leave Guwahati today, had a providential escape when suspected NDFB militants triggered off a powerful Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at Lunapara between Rangiya and Ghograpara railway stations, about 45 km from Guwahati, at 5.20 a.m. this morning, derailing 12 bogies of a cement-laden goods train to New Guwahati. The blast had created a crater of ten-metre diametre and 5-metre depth and badly damaged the engine of the train. However, there was no casualty due to the blast.

According to police, two to three IEDs were planted on the track targetting the Avadh Assam Express. But the suspected NDFB militants became frustrated due to late running of the passenger train and triggered the IEDs off fearing more delay which could cause security problem for them. Another goods train crossed the spot 45 minutes before the blast.

The Chief Engineer of the NF Railway, Mr B.K. Agarwal told The Sentinel that the blast damaged the 100-metre-long track worth Rs 10 lakh and the value of the 12 bogies would be Rs 3 crore. He said that about 12 goods trains coming from outside Assam regularly pass through this track which fetch an amount of Rs 2 crore as revenue for the NF Railway daily. Therefore, till the track is restored by 12 noon of July 31, the NF Railway would lose Rs 2 crore, Mr Agarwal said.

He said that two relief trains one each from New Guwahati and New Bongaigaon had already reached the blast spot and were working round the clock to restore the damaged track. A diesel crane has also been pressed into service.

The DIG of the Railway Protection Force (RPF), Mr S.Z. Samuel told this reporter that they had not yet arrived at any conclusion.

The Education Minister, Mr Thaneswar Boro, senior Railway officials from Maligaon and Alipurduar division including the Divisional Railway Manager rushed to the site of the blast. The Army personnel, however, picked up 20 youths in connection with the blast.

Meanwhile, following the blast train movement to and from Guwahati has been affected and some trains have been cancelled or rescheduled.

According to an NF Railway release, the Avadh Assam Express and Kanchenjungha Express scheduled to leave Guwahati on July 30 have been cancelled. The Kamrup Express and Brahmaputra Mail scheduled to leave Dibrugarh town on July 30 have also been cancelled. The trains scheduled to leave Guwahati on July 30 but rescheduled to leave on July 31 are -- the Rajdhani Express rescheduled at 10 a.m., Kamrup Express rescheduled at 10.30 a.m., Northeast Express rescheduled at 11.30 a.m., Brahmaputra Mail rescheduled at 12 noon and Dadar Express rescheduled at 4.30 p.m.

The Northeast Express scheduled to leave Guwahati on July 31 is cancelled. The 2423 Rajdhani Express of July 31 is rescheduled to leave at 6 a.m. of August 1 and the Saraighat Express of July 31 is rescheduled to leave at 11.30 a.m. of August 1. There may be some changes in the train schedule depending on the actual time taken for restoration, the release states. [S]

>Bumper crops become bane for State farmers

NAGAON, July 30: "We will procure rice through the Agriculture Marketing Board to avoid distress sale." This was the promise made by the State government to the farmers after harvesting of bumper summer rice. But, it seems to be an empty promise for the farmers of the State as they are forced to sell their paddy at throwaway prices.

Majarati, a small village of Nagaon district where farmers are facing severe problems after reaping of bumper boro crop. The situation of the village is aggravated as no agency is yet to come forward to procure their paddy despite assurance from the State Government.

Disappointed with the State Government policy, farmers have started selling their crop at around Rs 300 a quintal to some local businessmen.

"We cannot store our crops for long periods hence we have approached the local businessmen to procure our rice," said Sri Kalyan Baruah, an old farmer of the locality.

Sri Baruah who was instrumental in mobilising the farmers for scientific cultivation told this reporter that the farmers have lost faith in summer rice due to lack of proper policy of the State Government. "Although the State Government announced a rice procurement policy, it has remained on paper only," the farmer alleged.

Taking advantage of bumper rice production, the local businessmen have lowered the price in the markets for which farmers are facing severe hardships.

Ghana, Gobinda and Kamaluddin of the locality also criticised the Government for its alleged inaction to stop distress sale of rice.

The farmers unanimously said "the rice procurement policy has benefitted the agents who are always not in favour of paying actual price to the farmers."

What is unfortunate is that the farmers had to spend a huge sum of money on their paddy field with an eye to bumper crop, but they are yet to recover the amount due to poor market price.

Farmers of Samaguri area of the district are also facing the same problem as they are still dumping paddy on their respective yards anticipating that agriculture department will come forward to take urgent steps.

The Agriculture Marketing Board which was entrusted with the responsibility of procuring rice at Rs 620 a quintal, has met little success so far in this regard due to shortage of storage facility and funds.

According to official sources who are engaged in price procurement, the Board does not have enough storage to procure entire rice of the State.

"We have procured limited quantity rice in every district keeping in view lack of storage," the sources said. They, however refused to disclose the figure at present saying that procurement is going on throughout the State.

It is learnt that the Board has limited fund which is not sufficient to procure entire rice of the State. [AT]

Blast in passenger train kills 14

GUWAHATI, July 31: Close on the heels of the powerful explosion, which had derailed 12 bogies of the cement-laden New Guwahati-bound goods train at Lunapara, between Rangiya and Ghograpar railway stations yesterday, suspected Bodo militants today blew up two bogies of the 16 Up passenger train from Rangiya to Tezpur at Soonmari, 9 km away from Goreswar, killing about 12 to 14 passengers, according to official informations received here till filing of this report at night.

Although all the train services have been halted due to yesterday's blast, the Tezpur-bound passenger train on meter gauge left Rangiya station at 6.05 p.m. this evening. Official sources said that the casualty figure may increase and the details of the incident had not so far been received.

Meanwhile, thousands of passengers were seen standing and waiting endlessly for their respective trains to arrive at the Guwahati railway station today, due to disruption in train services between the NE region and the rest of the country, following yesterday's blast. A chaotic scene prevailed as none of the Railway officials could provide exact information to the inquisitive passengers about resumption of train services and the details. Some Delhi-bound passengers after having spent money on buying tickets for the Rajdhani Express caught flights out of the city. Some passengers managed to go to Siliguri by night super buses.

Meanwhile, the NF Railway sources said that the restoration work on the 10-metre damaged track between Rangiya and Ghograpar is being carried on a war footing and is likely to be completed late this evening.

An NF Railway press release issued here said that the Northeast Express, Avadh Assam Express and Kanchanjungha Express, scheduled to leave Guwahati today were cancelled. Similarly the Northeast Express and the Brahmaputra Mail scheduled to leave respectively from Guwahati and Dibrugarh tomorrow have already been cancelled. [S]

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