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Assam & The North-East : Health 2000


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30 die of starvation in Bongaigaon relief camp

GUWAHATI, Jan 20: The Kokrajhar and Bongaigaon district Muslim Sharanarthy Committee - a body of refugee camp inmates in these two districts-has alleged that at least 30 inmates of the Bhaoraguri relief camp in Bongaigaon district, have died due to starvation and for want of medical facilities during the past one-and-half year period. Meanwhile, the All Adi vasi Students' Association of Assam (Aasaa) has threatened to call a 24-hour lower Assam bandh on February 2 if the centre and the state government failed to initiate action to solve the problem of ration,relief,rehabilitation and security of the camp inmates by January 31. The Aasaa demanded a CBI inquiry into the alleged corruption by district officials in distribution of relief materials. [NED]

Medical units in city posing threat

GUWAHATI, Feb 6: For anyone who cares to take a look behind the imposing facades of the city's hospitals and nursing homes, the sight most likely to greet him is heaps of unattended bio-medical waste lying around to rot. Most medical units in the city are overtly and covertly flouting the rules governing the disposal of such wastes. In such a scenario, the medical units are imposing a real health threat to the people of the city. [AT]

Gas from Digboi refinery posing health threat

Digboi, March 4: Digboi oil town is stated to be one of the most polluted industrial towns in India. Besides pollution of air, water and land, occasional fires inside and outside Digboi Refinery as well as blast of plant/unit have been causing concern to the Digboi public. [AT]

Spread of tetanus bacteria creates havoc

TEZPUR, March 10: "Health for all by 2000 AD" seems to be a mere propaganda of the government as the Kanaklata Civil Hospital (KCH), Tezpur, the only district hospital on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra, has created havoc in the minds of two patients following the spread of tetanus bacteria at the entire hospital complex here. [AT]

Touts have a field day at AMC

DIBRUGARH, March 11: Touts are having a field day in and around the Assam Medical College (AMC) campus here, allege several leading and concerned citizens. The matter has gone to such proportions that a memorandum was submitted before the district administration today, calling upon the authorities to take preventive measures. [AT]

Gang of five in medical entrance scam

GUWAHATI, March 12: A gang of senior medical students is writing the examination for entry into medical colleges in the state by proxy. Affluent candidates unsure of being able to get through the entrance test hire the gang to write the exam for them. [TT]

Incinerators worth Rs 35 lakh lying idle

GUWAHATI, March 15: Even as waste materials from the three medical college hospitals in the state are finding their way into municipality drains and the Brahmaputra, creating serious health hazards, three incinerators procured by the Assam government at a cost of Rs 35.02 lakh for these three colleges, violating financial discipline, have remained unused since its installation in 1996. [NED]

AIDS scenario in state alarming

GUWAHATI, March 23: Even though the number of AIDS cases in Assam is still much lower than that of other States of the North-east, particularly Manipur, it has started to grow abnormally since 1997, sending alarm bells ringing in all circles concerned. As of today, 67 AIDS cases have been recorded in the State so far, out of whom 12 were detected in 1997, 14 in 1998, 21 in 1999 and nine this year only. [S]

Soiled currency notes carriers of diseases

SHILLONG, March 23: Beware the next time you pick up a soiled currency note from your neighbourhood paan-shop, in a city-bus or the fish and vegetable market. The soiled notes, circulating all over the north eastern region can be the carriers of a whole range of diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia, peptic ulcer, pharingitis and gastro-enteritis. [AT]

5 lakh leprosy cases in Nagaon

NAGAON, March 24: Even as the State Health Department, along with the rest of the country today observed the ritual of World Leprosy Day with a day-long programme, a survey by the department today made the startling revelation that not less than five lakh people in Nagaon were affected by the disease or its germ. [S]

Health centre sans doctor

BADULIPAR, March 25: The Bholaguri PHC about 2 km from here is running without a doctor from the time of its inception. The people of that area are facing serious difficulties for want of necessary treatment. [S]

Namrup PHC in a sorry state

NAMRUP, March 26: The pathetic deplorable state of Namrup PHC, set up in 1983, has proved the futility of the much chanted claim of the State Government that it has already undertaken several measures to patch up rural and urban health centres with modern health-care facilities. [AT]

Human skeletons being smuggled into Assam

AIZAWL, March 27 (UNI): Human skeletons are in great demand in Assam for their medicinal value, and so far at least 500 such human remains, especially scalps, had been smuggled from Bangladesh. [S]

Medicine shortage affects patients

GAURIPUR, March 28: Thousands of TB patients are suffering due to non-availability of medicines in the Dhubri TB Hospital since long. Reliable sources said that a huge quantity of medicines supplied by the government to the hospital are being sold by the hospital staff. Alleging doctors' involvement in the racket, the patients said that even the x-ray machine in the hospital is out of order due to the negligence of the staff. [S]

14,000 leprosy patients in Meghalaya

SHILLONG, April 6: About 14,000 patients suffering from leprosy have been detected in Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya. Terming it as "most alarming," modified leprosy elimination programme (MLEP) in-charge and society secretary Dr R W Lyngwa at a camp held recently at the community health centre in Nongpoh said, its main thrust was total leprosy eradication. Dr Lyngwa said the eventual target of leprosy control was to bring down the ratio to one leprosy patient per thousand. [AT]

4 expelled for ragging in Silchar

SILCHAR, April 8: Four students of the Silchar Medical College were today expelled for ragging freshers. [TT]

Rise in intravenous use of heroin in Ne : Survey

NEW DELHI, April 18: Drug abusers in the North-east are increasingly opting for intravenous use of heroin instead of taking it orally, which increases the risk of AIDS infection, a survey has shown. [NED]

Study medicine in Assam? You can forge your way for a price

GUWAHATI, April 19: Gross irregularities in the admission procedure to the three medical colleges of Assam have come to light with the shocking revelations that top medical officials, with the alleged backing of state health minister Dr Kamala Kalita, had illegally admitted 12 candidates in the colleges last year. Official documents were allegedly forged and special regulations passed to get the said candidates admitted. [NED]

295 HIV positive, 83 AIDS in Assam

GUWAHATI, April 27 (PTI): Assam has reported 295 cases of HIV positive and 83 cases of AIDS so far according to the State AIDS Control Society (SACS). Thirteen cases of AIDS have been detected this year till March of which 12 are male and one female, the additional director of SACS Dr PC Mishra said at a workshop on media planning on HIV-AIDS organized by the UNICEF here today. [S]

13 AIDS cases in State this year

GUWAHATI, April 30 (PTI): Thirteen cases of AIDS has been reported this year till March in Assam, the State AIDS Control Society (SACS) said. "Of the total cases reported 12 are male and one female while in 1999, 21 AIDS cases were reported of which 18 were male and three female," Additional Director of SACS Dr P.C. Misra told PTI here today. [S]

Resentment brewing among tribal refugees in State

KOKRAJHAR, May 6 (IANS): Hundreds of tribal refugees in Assam have threatened to take up arms with the State Government failing to provide them food, healthcare and security in relief camps. Faced with acute hunger and insecurity, more than 150,000 refugees of the tribal Adivasi community in western Assam are becoming increasingly restive. The Adivasis were forced to flee their homes due to continuing ethnic clashes with aboriginal Bodos, fighting for a separate tribal homeland in Assam. [S]

Unhealthy atmosphere

JAGIROAD, May 9: The strong and excessive odours from the Asia's biggest dry fish market situated in some private residential plots near by the railway station here causes an unhygienic condition. The nearby dwellers have to remain indoors with the shutters of their houses down as the strong smell has made the lives of people unbearable. [S]

Tetanus detected in Jorhat hospital

JORHAT, May 9: Panic grips the patients of surgical ward of Jorhat Civil Hospital following the detection of tetanus to a patient admitted in the ward. The hospital authority closed the surgical ward and shifted the patients to other wards. The tetanus patient was shifted to a separate room. [S]

Mizoram in AIDS snare, 197 full-blown repoted

SILCHAR, May 10: The tiny hilly state of Mizoram is finding itself in a tricky position in its battle against AIDS and HIV-related cases. Sources close to the Mizoram health department informed The Northeast Daily that there are at least 197 cases of full-blown AIDS and another 350 HIV-positive cases in the state at present. According to a very recent study, for every HIV-positive case detected in the state, there could be at least ten cases which go undetected. [NED]

Bribery charge against GMCH doctors in post-mortem works

JAGIROAD, May 12 : There have been grave allegations that certain doctors in the Guwahati Medical College demand huge amount of money for issuing postmortem reports. And they delay the reports unless they receive any money. This is causing immense hardships for the next of the kin of the deceased. [NED]

Malaria claims one in Nagaon

NAGAON, May 12: One Mintu Saikia, 40, a trader, died of malaria on Tuesday, while hundreds of others have been suffering from the disease in Nagaon. It has been alleged that Saikia died due to lack of proper treatment. [S]

Malaria, encephalitis claim one

Dhakuakhana, May 13: Malaria and encaphalitis have turned into epidemic in the Ghotapara, Bortengani, Kokoajoa, Bhakatiyahola, and Lahibari areas in the Dhakuakhana subdivision. While one Dambaru Dhar Handique 40, died at the Lakhimpur Civil Hospital an eight year old child, Devajit Handique of the same family is also said to be in a critical condition. Hundreds of people in the surrounding villages are suffering from encaphalitis but no doctors have reportedly visited the area the sources said. [S]

Pipe leakage affects drinking water

GUWAHATI, May 16: The water supply pipe from the MMC Hospital area to the flower market nearby has developed several leakages thereby compelling the Fancy Bazar people to drink unhygienic water, besides damaging the road. [S]

Concern over unauthorised occupation

BARPETA, May 25: The campus of the District Library, Barpeta near MC College, Barpeta is now under unauthorized occupation of private buses and trucks causing health hazard and posing a threat to human lives passing by the Barpeta-Baghbar Road and MC College Road. These vehicles have used the areas their parking place and garage as well. [S]

PHE wall collapse

NAGAON, May 28: A brickwall raised around a pond in the premises of the Executive Engineer's office, of the Public Health Engineering department, at Nagaon has collapsed exposing the corruption and the irregularities in the department. The wall costing Rs 2.5 lakh was built during March this year. [S]

Five die of malaria in Nagaon

NAGAON, May 29: A total of 454 people have been affected by malaria out of which five died in Nagaon during the period from May 16 to 22, the Joint Director of Health Services, Nagaon stated through a release. [S]

Malaria breaks out in Kalyanpur camps

AGARTALA, May 30: Malaria and other dreaded disease gripped makeshift camps in Kalyanpur at North Tripura where thousands of people have taken shelter in wake of recent ethnic strife and massacres. Soures confirmed death of three camp inmates due to these diseases in past few days. [NED]

Malaria assumes epidemic form in Nalbari

NALBARI, June 2: Malaria has assumed epidemic proportion in a few villages of Nikachi, Subanshri, Doomni and its surrounding areas under Baska belt in Nalbari district. People suffering from malaria have not yet received proper treatment because of poor facilities in the hospitals. [S]

Diseases hit ethnic clash victims in Dhubri

DHUBRI, June 3: Large-scale displacement has taken place in the Dhubri district due to ethnic voilence. The Bodo-Santhal clashes in Dhubri district had claimed lives of at least 76 children in the last year alone, the sources said. [NED]

Epidemic spreads in Dhekiajuli

DHEKIAJULI, June 7: Malaria and jaundice has assumed an epidemic form in Dhekiajuli, Batasipur, and Rakshasmari areas. At least 15 persons have died during the past week in the area. There are reports of two deaths in the same house. [S]

Malaria claims 30 lives in Nagaon

NAGAON, June 11: Malaria, which has taken an epidemic form in the tea estate areas in Nagaon district, claimed over 30 lives so far and affected over 100 people. During the last fortnight seven people died of malaria in Dijuvalley Tea Estate of Assam Tea Corporation, and six others fell sick. They are under treatment in the hospital of the tea estate.

Another Correspondent adds: In Nagaon district there are as many as 33 State dispensaries with eight rural 30-bed hospitals, 11 public health centres, 19 mini PHCs and 327 sub-health centres. The healthcare services in the district are not as desired because most of the staff do not stay at the places of their postings. People have to go to Nagaon town for treatment as most of these PHCs are left unmanned at night.

Student dies of malaria

BOKAKHAT, June 13: Debajan Boruah, a student of class VII of Rajabari High School died of malaria on June 7. She was suffering from malaria and jaundice. [S]

5 labourers die of food poisoning

NAGAON, June 14: Close on the heels of the death of seven labourers of malaria at Diju Valley Tea Estate during the last fortnight, five labourers died of food poisoning at the TE today. Giving this information, Dr H.K. Saikia, Joint Director of Health Services, Nagaon said that while four persons died after consuming mushroom, the other died after eating a snail. [S]

Gross anomalies by MCH doctos

MORIGAON, June 14: A Government doctor of Morigaon Civil Hospital was reportedly involved in a serious irregularity on May 20, causing widespread concern among the local people. The matter came to light only very recently. According to information received a doctor of the gynaecology branch of Morigaon Civil Hospital whimsically transferred a pregnant woman, admitted to the civil hospital, to a private nursing home located at Morigaon town and performed ceaserian operation. The Morigaon Civil Hospital authorities was quite in the dark about the incident. [S]

Surveillance workers without pay since '99

NAGAON, June 15: Since December, 1999, about 600 surveillance workers (SW) of District Malaria departments, in the State are not getting their salaries due to non issuance of retention by the Government. [S]

Malaria claims 13 lives in Tamulpur

NALBARI, June 16: Malaria, which has assumed an epidemic form in the northern part of Nalbari district so far claimed 13 lives in Dongpar, Geruapara, Pub-Hachala, Ramchuburi, Noakata villages under Tamulpur PHC.
Our Dhekiajuli Correspondent adds: Malaria and jaundice have claimed 15 lives so far in and around Dhekiajuli. The people of the area have alleged that the health department authorities have taken no steps to combat the killer diseases. [AT]

Irked by irregular doctors, villagers lock up hospital

JAMUGURIHAT, June 16: The people of Dhalaibil, who were being harrassed by the doctors of North Jamuguri 30-bedded hospital for the last few years, have locked the chambers of four doctors of the said hospital recently. The hospital exposes the poor state of health services provided by the Assam government. The expenditure being incurred by the state government on the salaries for these four doctors is undoubtedly unnecessary, the local people have said in anger. [NED]

Anomalies, mismanagement push Goalpara Civil Hospital into disarray

GOALPARA, June 18: The Goalpara Civil Hospital is fast moving towards a deluge of chaos and according to some doctors, has turned out to be the worst and the most depraved Civil Hospital, Assam has had the misfortune of ever having, it is reliably learnt. With all sorts of anomalies reigning supreme in the management of man-power coupled with acute shortages of medicines, instruments, equipments, accessories, furniture, non-completion of outdoor building and quarter for the nurses and 3rd and 4th grade employees, erratic supply of water and electricity and above all, thanks to the absence of an alternative water tank and a generator, together with a abominably dirty atmosphere prevailing in the complex makes the scene quite complete. [S]

'Malaria eradication not possible from high-risk zones'

GUWAHATI, June 20: Even as malaria has started taking its toll in the State with the onset of monsoon, Health Department officials here say that it is just impossible to eradicate malaria from certain high-risk zones in the State unless a concerted effort is made to raise the level of awareness about anti-malarial measures among the common people. [AT]

Diseases claim 19 in Sonitpur

TEZPUR, June 21: At least 19 people died of malaria, gastroenteritis and jaundice, while 1,500 others were affected by the diseases in Sonitpur district in the last three months, according to District Joint Director of Health Services, Dr H Baruah, here today. [S]

ESI in State in a shambles

GUWAHATI, June 21: The Employees State Insurance (ESI) Corporation was started for the benefit of all employees. But, ironically enough, the ESI scheme in the State is in a shambles as is evident from the fact that when a needy employee happens to visit the ESI dispensaries or hospitals, he often finds either the doctors or the nurses appointed for the job not attending to their allotted duties. [S]

Malaria spreads to more areas in Nalbari

NALBARI, June 23: The outbreak of malaria, viral fever and hepatitis has assumed alarming proportions in different parts of north bank of Nalbari district particularly in the areas of Tamulpur, Mussalpur, Barama, Dhamdhama. [AT]

58 AIDS cases recorded in Nagaland

KOHIMA, June 27: Nagaland has so far recorded 58 cases of AIDS, out of which 15 people have died from the dreaded disease, a senior doctor of Naga Hospital here said on Monday. [AT]

Where even doctors fear to tread

NAGAON, June 29: Though the prime object behind establishment of District Malaria Office, Nagaon was to save the lives of people from malaria, but in these days the object seems to have been diverted by some top health officials as well as employees of this office into earning black money only. It may be mentioned here that almost 30 lives were claimed by malaria and it affected over 100 people during this month only because of the negligence of the officials as well as employees of this department. [S]

Irate over relief, Tripura refugees try to enter B'desh

AGARTALA, JUNE 29: Peeved over poor relief and to put pressure on the administration, Bengali evacuees from a makeshift camp at Kalyanpur in West Tripura made an attempt to cross over to Bangladesh on Thursday morning. Apparently puzzled and concerned over this unique way of protest, the administration conceded to their demand for food, materials and medicines. [NED]

NLFT militants kidnap Health dept employee

AGARTALA, July 4: Heavily armed insurgents of the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) stopped a vehicle of the State Health department in which three government employees were travelling with cash amounting to Rs 85,000 at Bankumari under Chawmanu police station of Dhalai district on Monday, police said. [AT]

Assam among 5 most populous States

NEW DELHI, July 7: Assam has been included in the list of five populous States that have been identified by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for specialised thrust in the area of development of rural health infrastructure and family planning. The other four States are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. [AT]

No doctor, medicines at Kaziranga PHC

GOLAGHAT, July 12: The Kaziranga primary health centre is running without a doctor for a long time. This hospital which is supposed to serve the forest officials of the Kaziranga National Park, foreign tourists and villagers of the 50 villages, is now running with three employees and one fourth grade employee. The previous doctor was transferred to another hospital and after that no doctor has yet been appointed, alleged local people. [AT]

GMC hospital in doldrums; fund crunch hits hygiene for a six

GUWAHATI, July 12: Hanifuddin Ahmed (23) from Muktapur, near Baihata Chariali, is adamant. He simply wants to have his sister released from the gastroentrology ward of medicine department of the Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH). Reason: the unbearable stench. [NED]

Medical officer held for abortion death

NAGAON, July 13: Dr Jayanta Bora, the Medical Officer of Dakhinpat Public Health Centre (PHC), Nagaon was arrested by police today for his alleged involvement in an abortion carried out by him at his private chamber at Dakhinpat on July 10 resulting the death of the girl. Later, he was released on bail. [S]

GMCH hostel not safe for habitation

GUWAHATI, July 16: Even after the death of two students -- Mrinal Sarma in 1997 and Rana Pratap Bordoloi in 1999 -- as result of slip from corridors of Hostel No. 4 of the Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH), and repeated warning from the PWD wing of the GMCH to vacate the hostel to avoid further mishaps more than 100 boarders are still staying under the cracked roof of the said hostel, oblivious of the risk they are living with. The PWD has already termed the hostel as the "most unsafe" for human habitation and warned of any eventuality even to the extent of causing loss of lives of the boarders. [S]

ULFA ultra dies of malaria

JORHAT, July 16: A hard-core ULFA militant, Ratul Dutta alias Sangram Koch of Satriya Gaon under Pulibor police station, died of malaria at a base camp in Assam-Nagaland border. According to police sources, the body of the militant was taken in a Maruti van in the village by two of his aides and handed over to the family members. The commandant in-charge of Kakdonga Shakha Parishad of the outfit, Ratul joined the ULFA in 1993 and was involved in several killings and extortion cases. [S]

Private labs flout guidelines on HIV tests

GUWAHATI, July 16: In what can be termed as the most serious and alarming development as far as the State's AIDS scenario is concerned, several persons have been found to have been infected with HIV virus which causes the dreaded AIDS, may not be positive cases at all, for, the tests done on them for detection of the virus can be misleading. Sources in the Assam State AIDS Control Society are very much worried at the ways tests for detecting the HIV virus are being conducted by some licence-holder private nursing homes and laboratories. [S]

1,564 HIV cases detected in Manipur

IMPHAL, July 17 (PTI): Altogether 1,564 HIV positive cases have been detected in Manipur during 1999-2000, State Health Minister V Hangkhalian told the State Assembly today. [S]

No Budget provision for GMCH buildings

GUWAHATI, July 17: The buildings of the Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) are in urgent need of renovation. But the State Government has not made any budget provision under the '4210 Medical Education' head for the year 2000-2001, which has thrown cold water on the plans and schemes, chalked out by the PWD wing of the GMCH to renovate the hospital. [S]

Meghalaya doctors' 24-hr ceasework begins today, talks with govt fail

SHILLONG, July 18: As no amicable solution could be arrived at between the doctors under the banner of Meghalaya Medical Service Association (MMSA) and the state goverment during a marathon meeting at the office chamber of the health and family welfare minister, Dr Donkupar Roy, to put an end to the proposed 24-hour ceasework agitation programme called by the MMSA from 9 A.M. on Wednesday, the state goverment has however taken alternative arrangements to take care of both the in-patients and the out-patients in the state dispensaries. [NED]

Caught in dilema between a bite and a bullet

GUWAHATI, July 19 (IANS): An enemy of a different kind has been bugging paramilitary men engaged in counter-insurgency operations in India's northeastern region, prompting authorities to sound a red alert to fight the deadly foe. The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is caught in a Catch-22 situation with killer mosquitoes, carrying the malarial parasite, posing a greater risk for the paramilitary forces than the bullets of armed separatist guerrillas in the jungles of the insurgency-hit north-east. [S]

Malaria claims five

JAMUGURIHAT, July 19: At least five persons have been claimed by malaria so far in the interior parts of North Jamuguri where it has broken out in an epidemic form. [S]

Jonai health services in limbo

JONAI, July 20: The condition of the 30-bed Community Health Centre (CHC), Jonai is in a most deplorable state. The CHC is being run by a single doctor and three nurses only. In some areas of the district, under Ramdhan PHC, dysentery and diarrhoea has started taking its toll and so far 18 small children, of below 10 years of age, has died due to lack of timely treatment and medication. [S]

Gastro outbrak in camps

AGARTALA, July 20: The outbreak of gastroenteric diseases and malaria due to consumption of contaminated water has taken a heavy toll in the six Reang refugees camps in Kanchanpur sub-division of North Tripura. According to official statistics, 937 people, mostly children, have died of various diseases since October 1997, when Reang tribesmen entered North Tripura as refugees from Mizoram.
Nearly 66 people have died in Santipara and Naisingpara refugee camps during the past three months. Official sources said the list of the deceased was still being compiled. [TT]

Fake doctor arrested

BONGAIGAON, July 20: Bongaigaon police arrested a fake doctor on July 14 named Mr Partha Sarkar (42) from his residence at Bongaigaon on the basis of public complaint against his profession as a MBBS, MD, doctor and a case has been registered in Bongaigaon Police Station No 143/2000, according to police sources here. The sources further disclosed that Mr Sarkar was working as medical practitioner in Devi Medical Pharmacy, Bongaigaon since the past one month. Conscious circle on suspicion of his way of treatment informed the matter to police here and accordingly police has arrested him. [S]

Erosion poses threat to AMC

DIBRUGARH, July 20: The erosion by the Brahmaputra assumed immence proportions in Rohmoria mouza in Dibrugarh town posing a threat to the Assam Medical College and the Mohanbari Airport. [S]

Satpukhuri reservoir, which is one of the drinking water sources for the city, is fast becoming a health hazard. It stands exposed to various kinds of potential contamination.
The Assam Tribune photo.

Outbreak of unknown fever creates panic

JORHAT, July 24: A panicky situation prevails in the tea estates and border areas in Jorhat following the outbreak of an unknown fever and jaundice. A person died of the unknown fever at the Jorhat Civil Hospital yesterday, while about 25 others, suffering from fever, have been admitted in the hospital. [S]

Encephalitis claims 3 in Golaghat

GOLAGHAT, July 26: Encephalitis claimed at least three lives in Golaghat district and affected over 100. According to sources, while one Lalita Tanti died of the epidemic at Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital, two others -- a youth of Athmelia and a girl of Ghiladhari -- died of the disease on way to the hospital. [S]

Another ULFA cadre dies of malaria

JORHAT, July 26: Malaria claimed another ULFA leader of Jorhat. The body of the publicity secretary of the Dhansiri Anchalik Parishad of the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), Amulya Baruah alias Biplab Borthakur was brought here by two unidentified youths in an Ambassador car and handed over to his family members at Gorumora here today. It may be mentioned that the body of the "commandant" of Kakdonga Anchalik Parishad of the ULFA, Ratul Dutta, who had also died of malaria was handed over to his family members on July 16. [S]

Encephalitis claims 7 in Dibrugarh

DIBRUGARH, July 27: Japanese encephalitis claimed seven lives in some interior places in Dibrugarh district till today. The most affected areas are Jokaichuk, Lengeri, Naharkotia and Tingkhong. Twenty-two others suffering from this disease, have been admitted to Assam Medical College. Surprisingly, the District Health Department is yet to take any preventive measures in this regard. [S]

Malaria claims 45 lives in Dhekiajuli, hits Dhubri

DHEKIAJULI, July 27 : The outbreak of malaria, viral fever and Hepatitis B has assumed alarming proportions in different parts of Dhekiajuli. At least 45 persons died of malaria and jaundice at different villages under Dhekiajuli constituencies. According to officials records available with senior doctor of Dhekiajuli Public Health Centre, at least twenty persons have died so far from malaria while another twenty five persons died from jaundice and viral fever. However, according to unofficial source toll has crossed 50. [NED]

Fake homoeo institutes cause of serious concern in NE

GUWAHATI, July 31: The city has of late witnessed an abnormal growth of homoeopathic doctor chambers. This increase can be attributed to two city-based homoeopathic educational institutes, namely the National Homeo College and Associated Homoeopathic Institute, which through their postal correspondence courses, which are not recognized by the Central Homoeopathic Council (CHC), are awarding fake degrees on homoeopathic system of medicine to thousands of students belonging to not only to the city, but also other parts of the north-eastern region. [S]

Medical tests paper leak: Govt orders inquiry

GUWAHATI, Aug 1: Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) has instituted ahigh-level inquiry into reports appearing in a section of the media that answer scripts were sold for Rs 5,000 in the medical entrance test at a city centre Sunday. [NED]

Encephalitis claims 9

JORHAT, Aug 5: At least nine persons were claimed by viral fever and encephalitis in the district since July. According to the Joint Secretary of District Health Department, 23 people were admitted to the civil hospital here. [S]

Viral fever grips Golaghat

GOLAGHAT, Aug 5: Viral fever has gripped not only Golaghat town but also surrounding villages as learnt from health institution sources, both government and private. Out of the patients admitted so far in the hospital and nursing homes more than 60 per cent are of high fever cases. [S]

A dream come true for Bamunigaon

NAGAON, Aug 8: Bamuni, which is located about 25 km on the south-east of Nagaon is a place where on an average 10 to 12 people die of malaria, every year. Similarly, not less than about 10 people gets killed by wild elephants every year in this village. Bamuni village is surrounded by the villages like Sapanala, Kundoli, Borbari, Chalchali, Barhampur, etc., where 95 per cent population lives on agriculture. [S]

Malaria, viral fever take epidemic form

KARIMGANJ, Aug 8: Viral fever and malaria have assumed epidemic proportions in rural areas of Karimganj district. Thousands of people have been affected. According to reports people are suffering from malaria and viral fever in every village. It has spread to all the 96 villages of the district and almost every household has been affected. [S]

Malaria claim 5 in north Bajali

PATHSALA, Aug 8: At least five persons died of malaria as the disease has taken the epidemic form in the northern part of Bajali subdivision. The worst-affected areas are Turmurauchi, Rabhasali, Paschim Golagaon, Bakua and Naojuta which lie along the Indo-Bhutan border. Jaundice and viral fever have also been spreading in the areas. [S]

Indian floods claim 123 lives, survivors battle disease, hunger

NALBARI, Aug 7 (AFP): Floods in eastern India have claimed 123 lives and left millions homeless, with officials warning Monday that disease and severe food shortages could push up the death toll. In the worst-hit far-eastern state of Assam, relief workers said half of the 80 people to have died in the past week were victims of water-borne disease. []

Water-borne diseases claim 7 lives in Kokrajhar

KOKRAJHAR, Aug 12: Different types of water-borne diseases have broken out in Santipur area of Kokajhar district. The diseases have already claimed seven lives, since yesterday, in the refugee camps sheltering the victims of ethnic riots, while many people are suffering from the diseases. [AT]

Epidemic claims 3 in Nalbari

BAHJANI, Aug 17: An unknown disease which took an epidemic form in greater Barbhag, Banbhag and West Borigog mouzas of Nalbari district claimed as many as three lives last night. The area, which bore the brunt of the recent wave of flood, has also been suffering from food scarcity. [S]

Gastro death toll rises to 15

KOKRAJHAR, Aug 18: Gastroenteritis and water borne diseases have claimed more lives at the Deosri and Santipur relief camps in the Kokrajhar district, with the total figure standing at 15 since August 11. [AT]

Assam joins "BIMARU" club

GUWAHATI, Aug 23: The Union ministry of health and family welfare has included Assam in the Bimaru (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh) category of states due to the poor condition of its health sector. Health adviser to the North Eastern Council B.K. Borgohain said: "Assam along with Orissa and Jammu and Kashmir are the three new states which have been put in the Bimaru category". [TT]


GUWAHATI, Aug 23 (UNI): Leptospirosis, the deadly disease carried by rat, which had wreaked havoc claiming several lives in parts of Maharashtra and Delhi recently, broke out in Guwahati also. According to Guwahati Municipal Commissioner (GMC) authorities, two such cases affecting children were detected in a Delhi-based laboratory a week back. [S]

Kaki Mini Hospital understaffed

KAMPUR, Aug 28: The Kaki Mini Hospital supposed to cater to the needs of the vast populace is, according to reports, presently manned by only one doctor. Therefore, it becomes impossible on his part to serve the needs of each and every patient coming to the hospital. [S]

29,153 HIV positive in Assam

JORHAT, Sept 6: "Assam has now entered the list of the north-eastern States which are highly vulnerable to the dreaded disease AIDS, necessitating the implementation of precautionary measures at the earliest." Mr Bijoy Krishna Handique, MP said this at a press conference here today. The American Centre, US Consulate General, in association with Hridayangam club of Jorhat, are organizing a seminar on AIDS here on September 11 and 12. Mr Handique, who is the convenor of the technical committee, said at present there are 29,153 HIV positive people in Assam, and added that unless efforts were made to create mass awareness about the disease, it would be very difficult to control the menace. [S]

Malaria toll mounts in Tripura

AGARTALA, Sept 12: Altogether 10 persons have died of malaria and enteric diseases in Kanchanpur subdivision of North Tripura. Five persons died on Friday and Saturday. [TT]

Malaria, enteric diseases on the rise at Agartala

AGARTALA, Sept 13: Malaria and enteric diseases are spreading in the remote Kanchanpur subdivision of North Tripura district. Atleast 10 persons died of the diseases during the last fortnight while five more death has been reported since last Friday. Unofficial sources, however, put the death toll at 16. [S]

Basic facilities missing in Sipajhar rural hospital

SIPAJHAR, Sept 16: The people of greater Sipajhar area under Darrang district urged upon the State government to adopt adequate measures for the improvement of Sipajhar 30-bed rural hospital and other health sub-centres of the area. The hospital is run without basic facilities. Till now, hospital has no X-ray machine. There is also an acute shortage of working staff. Post of Medical and Health Officer-cum-Deputy Superintendent is lying vacant. [AT]

Jr doctors of AMC on hunger strike

DIBRUGARH, Sept 21: Junior doctors of the Assam Medical College here have gone on a hunger strike from noon today, demanding implementation of the Kartar Singh Committee Report on internees doctors' residency norms. While the strike here will continue till Saturday, the junior doctors have ensured that patients at the hospital are not affected by their agitation, according to Dr Anup Chowdhury of the Junior Doctors' Association here. He added that similar hunger strikes are being observed at the two other medical colleges of the State and the Regional Dental College at Guwahati. [AT]

Five suspected quacks picked up

JORHAT, Sept 26: Titabor police on September 24 picked up five persons hailing from Bihar and claiming to be doctors, following public complaints about the authenticity of their claims. Police has now decided to send them to the Medical Board to verify their claims. [S]

Temporary staff of leprosy programme threaten fast unto death

GUWAHATI, Sept 27: The 44 non-medical assistants (NMAs), who were involved in the National Leprosy Elimination Programme in the State on contractual basis, have threatened to go on a fast-until-death unless they are absorbed in the state medical department as permanent employees. They claim that after five years of service, albeit on contract, they have every right to make such a demand. [AT]

Miserable conditions at camps

GOLAKGANJ, Sept 28: The Adivasis (Santhals), victims of ethnic clashes, have been suffering untold miseries due to the alleged failure of the State Government to rehabilitate them. About 7,000 Adivasi inmates taking shelter in relief camps at Bagribari, Golakganj and Dhubri Civil Hospital compound in Dhubri district have been living a hand-to-hand mouth life, as with the food grains and other essential commodities supplied to them by the State Government, they can feed themselves hardly for 12 to 15 days. For the rest of the month they have to eat snails, mice and some of them even go begging to sustain themselves. [AT]

Non-availibility of blood banks at Tezpur
Health dept stops transfusion

TEZPUR, Sept 30: The Government's plan of "Health for All by 2000 AD" seems to be a mere propaganda as hundreds of patients on the North Bank are daily rushing to Guwahati for blood transfusion and proper medical treatment after the Health Department has stopped blood transfusion in Kanaklata Civil Hospital and other nursing homes in the district, especially at Tezpur. Sources talking to The Assam Tribune said at least two persons died here due to non-availability of blood transfusion. All accident cases, besides malena and leukaemia patients are referred to Guwahati for blood transfusion after the health department has stopped the transfusion, due to non-availability of blood banks at Tezpur. [AT]

GMC expels doctors, student

GUWAHATI, Oct 3: The Guwahati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) authorities today expelled Dr Numal Momin and Dr Chandrajit Doley, who are currently studying Pre-Registration Course Assistant (PRCA), from the GMCH and hostel for one year on charges of physically assaulting an MBBS final year student, Juned Asgar Ansari at midnight on September 2. Moreover, Mr Juned Asgar Ansari has also been expelled from hostel No. IV of the GMC for leaving the hostel on many occasions without informing the authorities. Actions have been initiated against the students as per recommendations of the inquiry committee constituted to investigate the incident of assault. [S]

City nursing home in jitters over HIV positive patient

GUWAHATI, Oct 12: Notwithstanding the global campaign aimed at removing the 'taboo' attached to AIDS victims so that they are not isolated in the society, a section of medical fraternity, it seems, is at their wit's end while forced by circumstances to take care of such unfortunate patients. Suffering from lack of proper knowledge about how to handle AIDS or HIV cases, this section of physicians run short of confidence and try to shy away from treating the patient who may require medical attention for disease other than AIDS or HIV infection. [AT]

AMC Neurology dept facing closure

DIBRUGARH, Oct 13: The Neurology department of the Assam Medical College is hurtling towards extinction, with the State Government transferring the lone associate professor, Dr Narayan Upadhyaya, from here to the Gauhati Medical College. [AT]

9 children die of diseases in Tuensung

KOHIMA, Oct 16: A combination of diseases had claimed the lives of at least nine children below five years of age in Kuthur village under Tuensang district of Nagaland since September last week, delayed official reports said today. [AT]

Health deptt blissfully unaware of affairs at Bezera Hospital

BAIHATA CHARIALI, Oct 20: Investigations made into the severe allegations, by the seven organizations, revealed startling records of large-scale absenteeism of doctors in the 30-bed Bezera Hospital, under Kamlpur Revenue Circle of Guwahati subdivision. Mysteriously enough, the Health Department of the State Government has remained blind to such gross irregularities for years together. [S]

173 HIV positive cases in Mizoram

AIZAWL, Oct 24 (UNI): As many as 173 HIV positive cases have been detected in Mizoram in the past ten years, according to the State Health Department. Of the 51,032 blood samples collected since 1990, as many as 173 were detected to be having the HIV-positive virus. While 16 full blown cases have been noticed, the deadly virus has claimed six lives in the State so far, sources said. [S}

Dhubri MP faces allegations of misuse of funds

GAURIPUR, Oct 24: The member of Parliament from Dhubri parliamentary constituency Sri Abdul Hamid faces severe allegations of misuse of MPs local area development fund. During the year 1998-99, Sri Hamid sanctioned and subsequently released Rs 10 lakh for a mobile hospital (beat) fear the riverine areas from MP's local area development fund. But the people of char areas alleged that they have not seen the mobile hospital yet. [AT]

AMC Neuro dept facing closure

DIBRUGARH, Oct 24: The State Government appears bent on ensuring closure of the Neurology Department of the Assam Medical College (AMC) here. For, almost a month after the department's associate professor has been transferred on promotion to the Gauhati Medical College (GMC), no reliever has been posted at the AMC till today. As a result, neuro patients are suffering as there is no neurological specialist to attend the outdoor department of the AMC, while students of the institution too are suffering as the night semester classes have no teacher of the specialty. [AT]

EAC, Morigaon suspended

MORIGAON, Oct 25: Mr Chandra Nath Mazumdar, Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) Morigaon was suspended from service with immediate effect by the Assam Government. This was disclosed by the Deputy Commissioner today. It may be mentioned here that the said EAC was arrested on September 30, on charge of alleged assault on an attending doctor and alleged molestation of a nurse in the maternity ward of the Morigaon Civil Hospital on the night of September 27. [S]

Blood dysentery claims one

NAZIRA, Oct 28: In Jaya Tea Estate near Nazira more than one hundred people are suffering from blood dystentery said a tea garden service. Forty patients are in serious conditionand one twelve years old girl died of this disease. [S]

PHE engineer posted at same place for 14 yrs

BARPETA, Oct 30: A serious allegation has been raised against an engineer of Public Health Engineering who has managed to remain in a same subdivision for the last 14 years, taking advantage of the extreme weak and ineffective administration inaction of the high officials in the department, said a local source. Several transfer orders were given to the officer during the last 14 years. But with the help of political pressure the officer has been able to cancel all the transfer orders and managed to stay at Barpeta for all these years. [S]

Two doctors suspended for negligence of duty

GUWAHATI, Nov 1: The Friday night massacre in Nalbari district once again exposed the shortcomings in the healthcare system in Assam and the State Government yesterday suspended two senior doctors of the district on charges of negligence of duty. It was alleged that only one doctor was present in the Nalbari Civil Hospital on Friday evening when the persons injured in the shoot-out were taken there for treatment. [AT]

Unfair labour practices at nursing home flayed

GUWAHATI, Nov 2: The Nursing Home Employees' Union (NHEU) has condemned the unfair labour practices practised by the management of Wintrobe Hospital in the city and warned agitational programmes against the private hospital's management in case of its failure to revoke the retrenchment notices served on the president of the hospital's employees' union and some other members of that union by November 11. [AT]

Beltola ESI Hospital
Poor treatment hits patients

GUWAHATI, Nov 11: Bonafide beneficiaries of the Employees' State Insurance Scheme (ESIS) in the State are allegedly not getting the benefits assured to them under the Scheme from the ESI Referral Hospital located at Beltola in the city. The Hospital was set up as a referral hospital for the State's ESIS beneficiaries in 1985. [AT]

Malnutrition, anaemia stalk Meghalaya village

SHILLONG, Nov 12: Poverty, malnutrition and anaemia are stalking the poor people in the border areas of Meghalaya close to the international boundary with Bangladesh. A medical camp organised by the BSF at Rattachera village in Umkiang area of Jaintia Hills district on November 8 found majority of the villagers stricken with one ailment or another. Dr T Biswas, chief medical officer of 55 BSF battalion, heading the team of medical experts at the camp, said that malnutrition, anaemia and diarrhoea were common afflictions suffered by the poor villagers. Of the 225 patients attended to, 130 were children, 55 females and 40 men. The check-up also revealed that the border people are commonly afflicted also by disease like malaria, respiratory tract infection, gastroenteritis, vitamin 'A' deficiency etc. An interesting finding of the camp was that with family planning almost unknown, each family had six to eight children. As a result, most nursing mothers were highly anaemic. Medical facility in the village was non-existent and the nearest public health centre at Umkiang was 12 to 14 km away. Around 20 patients suffering from heart problems, bone injury etc, were advised to go for further investigation and treatment at a well-equipped hospital. [AT]

Red Cross on post-flood relief mission in state with materials

GUWAHATI, Nov 12: Red Cross relief materials worth at least a Rs 1crore has arrived in the city and supplementary relief consignments worth more than Rs 50 lakh is expected to arrive soon to provide medical relief to thousands of victims in five of the worst affected districts of Assam hit by this year's monsoon floods. [NED]

Assam has 95 full-blown AIDS cases, 18 die of disease so far

GUWAHATI, Nov 27: On the eve of the World AIDS Day on December 1, the Assam State AIDS Control Society (ASACS) has decided to undertake a campaign to sensitise the doctors and management of private nursing homes and hospitals in the state on ways to handle AIDS cases. The theme for this years World AIDS campaign is "AIDS: Men make a difference." A two-year campaign focussing on the role of men in the AIDS epidemic will also be initiated starting December 1. Speaking at a colloquium on the AIDS scenario, organised by the Federation of Northeast Journalists here on Monday, assistant director ASACS, Dr PC Misra said that out of about 35,508 cases that were screened in the state upto September 2000, 319 were found to be HIV positive. He said: "There are 95 full-blown AIDS cases registered in the state till October 31, 2000, out of which 81 are male and the rest female." So far, 18 people have died of AIDS in Assam. [NED]

AIDS cases

GUWAHATI, Dec 5: There are 319 cases of HIV-positive and 95 others having full-blown AIDS in Assam, according to the project director of Assam State AIDS Control Society, B Dutta. While denying that there were more than 60,000 HIV-positive cases, Dutta said, 18 people, including three women, had died of AIDS in the State so far. Dutta said the reports appearing in a section of the press which quoted an office-bearer of an NGO that there were 60,000 HIV cases were 'misleading and not based on facts'. Of the 95 people having full-blown AIDS, 14 were women, he said. [AT]


NAGAON, Dec 10 : Joint Director, Medical and Health Services of Nagaon was placed under suspension on Friday allegedly for giving illegal irregular appointment to 51 persons in the dept. Besides, three more persons at the Jt. Director Office, Nagaon have been placed under suspension with immediate effect, according to an official source. [AT]

Illegal appointments cancelled

GUWAHATI, Dec 13: The State Government, by an order has cancelled all the unauthorized appointments made by Dr Hiranya Kumar Saikia, Jt. Director of Health Services, Nagaon in Nagaon and Morigaon districts during his tenure as Jt. Director, Health Services, Nagaon, an official release states. [S]

Political conspiracy hindering all round growth of Balapara

PATHSALA, Dec 15: Adjacent to Bajali sub-division the Balapara area of Paka mouza is a vast area of backward villages. The main source of income in this area is agriculture. But the people of Balapara have been suffering a lot due to the deteriorating road communication, public health, agriculture, education, etc, for the last four decades. Recently, a group of journalists visited the area under the aegis of Pathsala Press Club. The people of the locality described in detail about their miseries before the visiting journalists. [S]

People suffer as Sonari hospital remains closed

SONARI, Dec 18: The 20-bed hospital, constructed by Sonari zone of Assam Branch Indian Tea Association (ABITA) at a cost of Rs 10 lakh inside the Sonari Subsidiary health Centre (SHC) has remained closed since June, 1996. This hospital was built with an operation theatre and modern equipment. The then Chief Minister Hiteswar Saikia laid down the foundation of this hospital on June 2, 1992 which was later inaugurated by Sri Sarat Borkatoky, local MLA and then minister of state for PWD in 1994 in presence of the top officials of the state health department. But on June 14, 1996, the ABITA-built hospital was closed due to an incident in which a school-going boy died in this hospital. The doctor was misbehaved with by some anti-social youths. But subsequently, two doctors and two other employees of Sonari SHC were arrested by police under political pressure. After this incident, doctors and the staff of Sonari SHC refused to render services in the ABITA-built hospital as they were rendering their services without any separate appointment on humanitarian ground. [AT]

Callous doctors responsible for sickness of Dergaon hospital

DERGAON, Dec 19: The 30-bed rural hospital situated in Dhemajigaon near here seems to make a mockery of the much-touted slogan of the State Health Department, "Health for all by 2000". Twelve long years have elapsed since the hospital was established, but since then, there has hardly been any visible development. Today, the hospital has no facility worth the name. [S]

Nurses getting a raw deal in State

GUWAHATI, Dec 24: They are the ones who actually comfort and take care of the needs of the patients, something that the high-profile doctors often fail to do, but the hundreds of nurses in the state, whether in government or private hospitals, are themselves getting a raw deal. Understaffing, lack of facilities, poor compensation, etc are just some of the long list of problems that the nurses in Assam face. [AT]

MHRC asks Health Dept to take action

IMPHAL, Dec 25: In a significant development, the Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has warned the concerned authorities in the State to check unauthorised operations in the unauthorised private clinics and maternity homes in and around the Imphal city. In its recommendation submitted to the Government of Manipur MHRC has asked the Directorate of Health Services in the State, which is also the supervising authority under the Manipur Nursing Homes and Clinics Registration Act 1992, to take appropriate steps to ensure effective implementation of the provisions of the Act. [AT]

Halogaon hospital in a shambles

HAJO, Dec 26: The Halogaon Primary Health Centre in the Hajo Assembly Constituency is one of the old hospitals in the rural areas of Kamrup district. The condition of the Health Centre is gradually deteriorating instead of improving these days of in an age highly developed medical science. People of several densely populated villages like Silguri, Bamundi, Halogaon, Lah, Dampur, Khetrihardia, Koyatol, etc have to depend on this PHC for treatment. But there has not been the slightest improvement of the hospital since the day of its establishment in 1957. [S]

Doctors on ceasework to protest assault

SILCHAR, Dec 28: Government doctors in south Assam's Hailakandi district went on a wildcat strike for an indefinite period last night. The ceasework is in protest against the alleged assault on two senior doctors by a group of miscreants at a medical sub-centre near Hailakandi town yesterday in presence of irrigation minister Abdul Muhib Mazumdar. [TT]


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